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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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out. >> new details in the murder of wesley brown. police revealed the suspects sorted past and a neighbor talks. a sauna outside today. now thunderstorms may be in your forecast. >> are you kidding me? a local shopper becomes a hero and puts a suspected rapist behind bars. this is 9news now. >> we begin with breaking news out of the air force base in florida tonight. guns and ammunition were just removed have an suv inside the gates about an hour ago. a base spokesperson tells 9news two people are in custody as a result. their vehicle was searched when they couldn't produce proper id. if we get any more information on what's happening in this next half-hour, we will update you right away. also tonight, court documents show two men charged with killing a maryland state trooper admitted they did it. >> and now we're hearing this isn't the first time one of them has had a bullet run in with the law. brittany morehouse visited the barracks where on the eve of the
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arrest troopers celebrated justice but also questions if the justice could have happened sooner. >> literally just a few days ago i sent him a text message reminding him -- >> reporter: composure is fleeting even among police. 24 hours after trooper wesley brown was killed. >> the next time i saw him was this morning at the medical examiner's office. >> reporter: authorities are charging 28-year-old anthony milton and 27-year-old cyril williams with the killing. williams is that infamous customer who brown escorted out of apple bees for not pang his bill. investigators -- paying his bill. investigators now call that the motive. >> over not paying the bills is ridiculous. >> reporter: saturday night officers swarmed william's apartment. >> they went around the side. >> reporter: he saw them take away two boxes from this
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apartment where the door is banged up. but many now ask why was williams living here instead of prison. on new year's eve 2005 williams was arrested here at this apartment complex in capitol heights. some 300 shell casings were found on the ground and among the target, a police officer's cruiser. but prosecutors had to drop the charges of second degree attempted murder. they had no way to prove their case with no witnesses. >> there can be challenges along those lines. i don't want to say that that was what happened in these particular cases because i don't know that for sure. but i think in the case that's pending, a lot of people came forward and were very helpful to the police. i think it made a big difference. >> reporter: these are the charging documents from that new years incident in 2006. the prosecutors had had their way if they could have made their case and there would have been a conviction. perhaps tonight williams or that night williams would have not
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had been at apple bees and in jail but the trooper would be here. reporting live in forceville, brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> all right. thank you. another police officer shot in the leg today as he chased down two suspects following an attempted robbery. the prince george's county police officer was not even on duty when it happened. he just happened to be driving by the bank this morning when he saw there was a struggle going on inside. he managed to stop the get away car and chase the passenger on foot while another off duty cop took the driver into custody. >> he's an officer that is off duty sees a citizen in need and does not hesitate to intervene and make an apprehension and at the risk of his own life and safety. >> police tell us they are still looking for a third suspect who got away in a green mazda with tinlted windows. a -- tinted windows. a 49-year-old man is accused of killing his wife and child tonight. kenston yi told them he was
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involved at some sort of a tragedy at his home. that led them to the bodies of their wife hyon and their 15-year-old daughter joy. the medical examiner's office will determine how they died. new at 11:00, a shocking crime in northern virginia in an unexpected place. prince william county police responded to a call for a rape in progress inside a burlington coat factory store. and as andrea mccarren reports, the quick thinking helped nab a suspect. >> reporter: 51-year-old walter kendall entered the lady's room and waited for a random victim. it turned out to be a 17-year-old girl from manassas. >> the victim went in and was approached by the man who kind of held her in there so she couldn't leave. >> reporter: another customer came in, heard the victim screaming and called police. the restroom is in an isolated corner of this burlington coat factory store behind the
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department. its location plus the music that filled the store could have made a bad situation worst. >> it's a good thing she screamed for help. >> during the day in a public place you would not think it would happen. >> reporter: the incident happened sunday afternoon. shoppers a day later had no idea. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: mike plans to warn his wife and daughter. >> first of all, i have a 9-year-old daughter. so i'm just getting to the point where i feel comfortable letting her go to the bathroom by herself the way things are. i know my wife frequently stops here. that is horrifying. >> reporter: a spokeswoman said the company had turned over surveillance tapes to police. in manassas, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> kendall is now charged with attempted abduction and peeping. he is being held without bond. a court date has not been set. police are hoping you can help them find a man expected of exposing himself to women on bike paths. this has happened five times since march 16th.
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all of the incidents happened between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. the man gets the women's attention and then exposes himself. if you have any information about the suspect or these cases, please call police. after a break of a week and a half, testimony resumed today in the murder coverup trial of robert wone, the man who had sexual relationships with two of the three men on trial took the stand today. >> the washington examiner reports that scott hickston testified he pulled a knife out of his body the morning he was killed. they are charged with covering up wone's murder. prosecutors could wrap up their case by the end ever the week. the murder of a popular dc principal is putting the justice system under scrutiny. three teenagers are charged in a shooting death of brian betts. the question is why were they at large and whether the juvenile justice system is to blame. they held a hearing today to talk about it. >> i believe that no youth
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should be without 72 hours without swift and deliberate intervention. >> at least seven young men under the city's supervision have been charged with murder this year. a young girl is recovering tonight after being hit by a car. this happened just after 3:30 this afternoon out on connecticut avenue in dc. police don't know exactly how old the girl is. they believe she's between the ages of 10 and 12. the driver of the car that hit her did stop and stay at the scene of the accident. dramatic video from oklahoma where a teenager hung on to the branches of a tree to escape rushing flood waters. the 17-year-old clung to a tree for nearly an hour struggling to keep her head above water. a boat carrying three rescuers sank as it tried to reach her. the water started to rise rapidly after as much as six inches of rain fell in just three hours. >> it's extremely dangerous right now with that water flowing like it's been. >> a second boat was able to
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rescue the teenager and the first set of responders. everybody is expected to be okay. all total, about a dozen people were pulled to safety from cars and houses near oklahoma city today, but nobody was seriously hurt. searchers say they're confident the body they found near a campground today is the last they'll find after friday's flash flood. but that is not going to stop crews from heading back out tomorrow. they want to be sure no one else is out there at this point. new allegations today about the dangers of the deep water horizon drilling platform before the explosion on april 20th. six days before the oil rig blew up, a bp engineer sent an e-mail calling the rig "a nightmare well". a nightmare that actually happened. 11 men died when the well exploded sending millions of gallons of oil spilling into the gulf of mexico. well, today president obama began a two-day tour of the region. he says there is a simple way for people across the country who want to help.
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>> if people want to know what can they do to help folks down here, one of the best ways to help is to come down here and enjoy the outstanding hospitality. >> tomorrow the president will address the nation about the oil spill, and you can see that addressed live at 8:00 right here on wusa9. meanwhile senators do not trust bp to pay off after the big gulf bill so they want an escrow account set up to cover the cost. >> i fear that the lawyers will take charge, bp will file bankruptcy, the oil companies must put money aside to take care of this. >> the senators are just back from a tour of the gulf coast. at their briefing today at the national aquarium in baltimore, they showed the area the spill would cover if it happens to go on in the chesapeake bay. the senator says he wants to make sure there is never a chance for a similar spill close
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to home. >> i will do everything in my power to make sure there is a permanent moratorium on any drilling around the precious chesapeake bay. >> the oil from the gulf spill is not expected to reach the chesapeake bay. coming up, a congressman faces backlash after an altercation with an anonymous cameraman. save 100,000 lives a year with a $5 dose of medicine. doctors say it's possible with a drug right off the shelf. the fire festival. people from around the globe celebrate the world's hottest performance. and if you will, i'm going to ask tom to follow me here. from all the rain that fell earlier here tonight plus so humid that all of the moisture has no chance to evaporate. you can see right here the reflection of the light. okay. i want to show you your wakeup weather. we do have some relief in sight. finally some cooler temperatures. >> a lot of us in the 60s and dryer air coming in too. then thunderstorms coming a
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do you support the obama agenda? >> who are you? who are you?
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>> whoa. >> who are you? >> you could probably write the script for that one. a congressman gets physical with a couple of men who approach them on the street. and when the video goes viral, he apologizes. it reminded our own reporter gary nurenberg of a lyric from way, way back in the 60s. when will they ever learn? >> reporter: this time it was north carolina governor bob etheridge. the incident. >> who are you? >> who are you? >> we're just here for a project. >> who are you? >> we're just here for a project. >> tell me who you are. >> i'm just security, sir. >> from? >> we're just students. that's all we are. >> i have a right to know who you are. >> all we are is students. >> who are you? who are you? >> please let go of my arm, sir. >> who are you? >> sir, sir, sir, please. >> i'm a congressman. >> reporter: the reaction? >> oh, my god. it's been a total fire storm.
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>> reporter: the post fire storm apology. >> i know better. i've been through a lot of tough situations and there's no excuse for anything other than saying i'm sorry. >> reporter: after another washington video t ended a high profile career four years after a fatal blow in a virginia senate race. >> let's give applause here. >> reporter: since then both parties record and delete hours of footage just with the hope that they can find that one minute that changes the race. >> anything you say on video can circle the planet in two minutes. >> reporter: the editor of big which posted the video says he doesn't know who shot it. >> i think people reacted to the idea that this congressman went from 0-60 in nanoseconds. >> reporter: this incident will only fuel the fire and it's going to encourage both parties to send more people out to track candidates and campaigns just to try to hope they get another mistake. >> reporter: well, the easiest
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way for candidates to stay out of trouble in situations like this is to keep walking and stop talking, but we all know how politicians feel about that stop talking business, which means it's likely we'll be back here with more videos before this election year is over. >> and we won't hesitate to put them on. thanks, gary. you never know what you'll find in an fbi file. files today release some interesting tales about the mafia and the kennedy clan. for instance, back in 1965, an informant told the fbi the mafia bosses wanted to get back at ralph and ted kennedy for organized crime. the mob planned to use friends of frank sinatra to hire women to trick the kennedies into compromising positions. in tonight's health alert, choosing the right wife. a new study suggests you might lower the risk of type ii diabetes by replacing white rice with brown. it found you can do better by
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replacing white rice with whole grains in your diet to help your body better control blood sugar. doctors say a $5 dose of medicine could save some hundred thousand lives a year. it is known as txa. it's cheap, widely available and cannot bleeding in people who have been shot or stabbed. but until now it's only been used in scheduled operations in the or. a new study might change that. doctors were worried txa might lead to blood clots, strokes or heart attacks but this study found no evidence of increased risk. >> it's something you can just pick off the shelf cheaply and administer to your patient in a few minutes. why wouldn't you want to do that? >> researchers say txa should be stocked in every ambulance and emergency room around the world. now more stories from around the nation. how about a mercedes benz as your alarm clock. in georgia this mercedes came screaming down the road. the car jumped the curb, took
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out a mailbox, slid across the lawn and slammed into the side of his home. the impact knocked smith out of his bed. the driver is in the hospital. the benz a total lost and the house has to be condemned. smith is doing just find, though. date line, florida. a man tee is in critical condition after an apparent run in with a boat. wildlife rescuers hauled it into the back of a cargo truck and took it to seaworld's rehab center in orlando. and in northern illinois, celebrating flag day in a very big way. about 7400 sailers created a living flag at the great lakes naval station. this was actually a recreation of a living flag that 10,000 sailers created back in november 1917 in celebration of the arm tis. and remember when your parents caught you playing with
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matches. no more of that, right? well, these folks never got caught. and talk about playing with fire. this is the annual fire festival that goes on in ukraine. it attracts performers from all over the world and thousands show up to watch. one performer says it's a bit scary but after one or two burns, hey, you get used to it, i guess. >> okay. >> is that like getting bee stinks? >> no. >> that is horrible. >> nowhere on the order of that. so from a spectacle to soupy. so humid. >> it feels more like a steam room with all of the humidity. i want to show you an incredible dew point. it's over 65 really starts to feel humid. if it's 70 or above, it's oppressive humidity. we're going to see something you just do not see in this part of the country very often. very good news, though. cooler, dryer air is starting to come our way and it's going to come in and be here tomorrow. but the humidity is back wednesday.
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we still might have to deal with a few thunderstorms through the next two days. and, yes, thursday unfortunately right back to what we've been through. overnight tonight we'll start to build in the cooler, dryer air from the north. 60s is what a lot of us will get down to. maybe just a few of us lower 70s. through the morning hours and into the upper 60s through the 70s we'll go. no chance of rain overnight through the morning hours. but once we get to the afternoon, still a slight chance of a few storms rolling around. i'll show you exactly why. 80-degree temperatures is where we'll top out at. there were mainly showers that built in through today and the last shower right there through much of the metro we've got still a lot of clouds here tonight. here is a look at the current cold front making its way in. these are actual air temperatures. 70s. but that dew point, remember, if it's over 65, it's humid. if it's 70 and above really humid. nearly 80-degree dew point in fredericksburg. that is just a steam room, if you call it that. here is a front coming through. it's going to die out as it does so.
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but i still have to put a chance of some scattered storms afternoon. sun sets. the storm chances go away. we go overnight tuesday to wednesday. there is all of the humidity coming back. and just again scattered storm chances through the day on wednesday and even wednesday evening. thursday we bring more sunshine in with humidity that is around. unfortunately that's not a nice forecast. temperatures will be in the upper 80s. but the heat index will be into the 90s. so enjoy tomorrow, wednesday the humidity is back around. and we may be unfortunately looking at triple digit heat index by next weekend if we get the air temperatures of 95. >> pool time. got to go to the pool. >> yep. >> find some way to be cool. >> thanks a lot. well, it's not the stanley cup, but it is a cup. >> yes. but, do you know what, though, all these guys are going to be playing for the capitals in the next two, three, four years, so i think it's a very good sign for the capitals. 11 caps got to hoist the cup anyway. not the cup they were hoping for, but a good piece of good news for the future of the
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franchise. plus clinton portis runs faster when he's being chased figuratively. my chat coming up.
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ó# % oil. sliming more miles of the gulf coast every day. and in washington big oil lobbyists were looking to slime our senators too. they tried to pressure jim webb and mark warner to vote for a big oil bailout worth 47 billion dollars. senators webb and warner had two words for big oil. no. way. they voted to hold oil companies accountable so they can't pollute and get away with it.
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senators webb and warner, keep standing up to big oil and fighting for america's clean energy future. it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> don't turn around. someone might be gaining on you. page made that quote famous and clinton portis has taken it to heart because he did turn around. saw somebody gaining on him and he sped up. the redskins running back appears to have been reborn this off season, recommitted to working out and being a team leader. he appears faster and fitter than in recent years and it may have to do with the signing of former pro bowler larry johnsson and willie parker who are out to steal his gig. i spoke to portis and he says you ain't stealing nothing. >> i was excited. i think that we lit the fire of
11:25 pm
desire. you know, like there's actually people that felt like they can come here and it's going to be sweet. like, oh, i have a chance to compete for the starting job. >> no, they don't, says clinton. meanwhile after months of stalling, macintosh finally signed his contract today to be one year, 1.8. macintosh was disappointed the skins didn't offer him a long-term deal. the playoff didn't have a very happy ending for the capitals, but there is a silver lining tonight. their little brothers, the minor league hershey bears on whose roster there is 11 players who spent time with the caps this year just won the calleder cup. game six tonight against texas and it was a blowout. karl ulzner played 22 games for the caps this year. they are going nuts in chocolate town tonight. the hershey bears win the cup for the third time in five years. the future for the caps is very
11:26 pm
bright. >> the team wants to do anything we wanted and we were capable of winning this and i'm glad we achieved it. >> it's a great group of guys and like you saw in the series, we saw a lot of very successful team. they have a lot of spirit. it's unbelievable. >> steven strasburg's career is one week old and he already has a trophy. he was named the national league player of the week today. hardly surprising. the kid won his first two starts. gave up three runs combined striking out 22. only one pitcher in history has more in his big league game. officially for ten days john wall will be the guy the wizards take with the number one pick in the draft. the question is what will the wizards do after that. ernie has two more picks in the top 25. luke worked out with the team. he averageded 20 and 10 in south
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bend but feels a bit overlooked. >> i'm going through my college career i think i've had probably one of the most or the most productive college career with any player in this draft and i still continue to get a lack of respect and i just use that as motivation. >> okay. finally tonight, so much for burying the hatchet. listen to chicago's adam burish talking about chris pronger after chicago won the cup. >> can you tell us what you really think about chris pronger now. >> i think he's the biggest idiot in the league. if i see him out there, i might punch him. >> okay. >> i love that. >> is one of them retiring? >> no, no, no. but i figured after chicago won the cup that burish would say all is well that ends well. he's like, no, forget him. he's a jerk. here's my stanley cup. >> biggest idiot in the league. >> i think he's made his position clear, don't you? >> crystal. we'll be right back.
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that is 9news for tonight. thanks for sticking around. don't forget we're always on at and andrea, angie and howard are back at 4:25 in the morning. goodnight. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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